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VOSH Regulation 1904.41

Final Regulation Issued to Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses:

Effective Date in Virginia: February 15, 2018

NOTE 1: Calendar year 2016 OSHA 300A data cannot be entered in OSHA’s “Injury Tracking Application” (ITA) at this time.  The last date to enter 2016 data was originally December 31, 2017.  However, federal OSHA is considering a redesign of the ITA that would allow 2016 data entry at some future date.  Should such a redesign occur, the Department will update this webpage to indicate any change.

NOTE 2: Virginia employers covered by the above regulation who failed to enter 2016 OSHA 300A data by December 31, 2017 will not be subject to enforcement action because the VOSH regulation does not take effect in Virginia until February 15, 2018.

NOTE 3: All Virginia employers covered by OSHA/VOSH Recordkeeping Regulations contained in 29CFR1904, regardless of whether they are or are not required to submit OSHA 300A data electronically under 1904.41, must still maintain OSHA 300 records and post the OSHA 300A annually.

Coverage: Virginia private sector employers generally are covered by this regulation; however see below for exemptions based on the employer’s private sector industry and number of employees.

Virginia state and local government employers generally are covered by this regulation; however see below for exemptions based on the government entity’s number of employees.

NOTE:  For purposes of determining the above exemptions on the basis of employment levels, the number of employees for any private sector employer is based on total company employment, whether working at a single or multiple locations.

The number of employees for any Virginia state agency is the total number of employees for all state government employment.

The number of employees for any county or city agency is the total number of employees for all county or city government employment.

Electronic Submission of Injury and Illness Records to OSHA/VOSH
Click on the following link to find out more about Electronic Submission and How to “Launch ITA” to provide OSHA your 2017 OSHA Form 300A information


Employers can now begin to electronically report their Calendar Year (CY) 2017 Form 300A data to OSHA/VOSH via the federal OSHA webpage link above. All covered establishments must submit the information by July 1, 2018. Employers can view their submitted CY 2016 Form 300A summary information, but they cannot edit or submit additional 2016 data on this website. Remember, not all establishments are covered by this requirement.

Only a small fraction of establishments are required to electronically submit their Form 300A data to OSHA. Establishments that meet any of the following criteria DO NOT have to send their OSHA 300A data to federal OSHA electronically. Remember, these criteria apply at the establishment level, not to the firm as a whole.

  • The establishment’s peak employment during the previous calendar year was 19 or fewer, regardless of the establishment’s industry.
  • The establishment’s industry is on this list, regardless of the size of the establishment.
  • The establishment had a peak employment between 20 and 249 employees during the previous calendar year AND the establishment’s industry is not on this list.

Covered establishments with 250 or more employees are only required to provide their 2017 Form 300A summary data.