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While our on-site operations may have been curtailed, we are still readily available to assist you. The VOSH Consultation program is migrating to a virtual platform in the interim. To better serve you, we are available via video conferencing, email, and phone. To take part in a virtual visit, please fill out the new Consultation Request Form available at  Consultation Request Form and submit it electronically to jennifer.rose@doli.virginia.gov. Be sure to save the completed form to your computer under a new file name and include the new file when returning it to us. Please indicate on the form that you would like a virtual visit.




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Consultation Services   jennifer.rose@doli.virginia.gov

Consultation Newsletter  – First Edition



Anthony Bowers with Colonial Webb Contractors  – “I believe that the consultation arm has helped us prevent injuries and illnesses and improved our culture of caring and close call communicating.”

Mark Haggenmaker of Barton Malow “Have you ever taken a test and were so nervous you would fail and then all of a sudden someone shows up and hands you all of the answers to the test. Then they give the answers to the questions that aren’t even on the test.

Welcome to the totally free, totally professional side of DOLI/VOSH. Consultation will not only come assist you and your workers on your site, but they will assist even when they can’t get to your site. Over the past five years significant relationships have developed for not only Barton Malow Company but for our subcontractors as well.

Free help to keep our workers safe, what company won’t buy that?

Remember stay on the BRIGHT side before the DARK side arrives.”

 Stephanie Harbin of VFP“The VOSH Consultation Program has been a huge help to VFP, Inc. We have used this service for the past two years and I couldn’t be more pleased with the advice and expertise they have provided us. We are so glad to know about the Consultation Program and we plan to schedule one every year. More companies should take advantage of this free service which helps ensure the safety of our employees.”