Inspection Emphasis Programs

Inspection emphasis programs are enforcement strategies that allow VOSH to focus resources on the most dangerous workplaces and hazards. These programs are intended to address specific hazards or industries that pose a particular risk to workers in the geographic area or region of the Commonwealth covered by the emphasis program. These programs can even include employers with 10 or fewer employees, even if they conflict with restrictions under Congressional Appropriations Act riders as described in VOSH Program Directive 02-003 (latest version). The programs are of two types, depending on their origination.

I. National Emphasis Programs (NEPs)

These programs are developed by federal OSHA and have been implemented in those states and territories where OSHA exercises direct jurisdiction. Currently, VOSH participates in the following NEPs:

II. State Emphasis Programs (SEPs)
These are inspection programs developed internally by VOSH directly for Virginia.