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VPP STAR Site Benefits

What are the Benefits?

The economic benefits for achieving VPP STAR are nearly unlimited. Virginia VPP STAR acknowledges and fosters a state of the art approach to implementing safety and health management systems that prevent serious injuries, illnesses and fatal accidents to employees; while also providing a demonstrative return on investment to businesses that allows them to be more productive, more competitive and more economically viable in a very challenging economy. Costs avoided include workers’ compensation charges, insurance premium increases, property damage, production downtime, employee replacement and retraining, and litigation expenses.

The reduction in worker injuries and illnesses which leads to reduced worker compensation costs, are hard to set a value on, but it can be done. For instance, the National Safety Council has reported that in 2013 the average cost of a medically consulted occupational injury was $42,000. In 2013, the Washington Post reported that the average net profit margin for all U.S. companies was 8.2 percent. With a net profit margin of 8.2%, a business needs to generate $451,219 in new revenues to simply pay for the costs of that single medically consulted injury.

In addition, use the injury calculator that is provided on to estimate 1 injury. When you take into consideration that the average lost time injury direct cost equals about $54,000 and in 2013, work injuries cost Americans $250 billion dollars according to the National Safety Council, these cost add up to a significate savings. Factor in the indirect costs like hiring replacement workers, reduced production due to an injury, and the costs really add up.

Some other benefits include:

Enhance public recognition
Lower turnover rates
Networking with the “Best of the Best” companies
Increased employee participation and moral
The ability to influence practices industry-wide
You set the bar for the industry
Special Government Employees (SGE)

With all these benefits, what is stopping you from applying?

Pre-application VPP STAR Documents

Introduction to the Virginia Voluntary Protection Program– Learn more about VPP STAR and the process to become a STAR site.

Current Virginia VPP Statistics – See who is in Virginia VPP, where they are located and the type of industries along with current stats on the number of Virginia sites we have (Link to interactive list that is searchable and page that contains this file)

Application Process – View the steps of the VPP Process

VPP Brochure – Overview of VPP

Elements of an Effective Safety & Health Management System – See what the 4 main elements and sub elements are in.

VPP Policy and Procedure Manual 

VPP Assurance Letter

Annual Self Evaluation Report Training 

Approved VPP STAR Site Documents

Annual Self Evaluation Report Training