Voluntary Protection Programs

Special Governmental Employees (SGE)

What is a SGE? A SGE is a Special Government Employee Program that was established by OSHA to allow STAR site industry employees to work alongside OSHA, particularly during Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) STAR onsite evaluations. See https://www.osha.gov/dcsp/vpp/sge.html for more information on how to become a SGE.

Qualified volunteers from VPP sites are eligible to participate in the SGE program. These volunteers must be approved by OSHA and funded by their companies to participate. After submitting an application and completing the required training, these volunteers are sworn in as SGEs and are approved to assist OSHA.

First time as a SGE?

You completed your training and are a qualified SGE, you signed on to a team, now what? You will receive a welcome email that gives you some information that you will need for the evaluation. See Team Member Welcome Letter for a sample. This letter will explain what happens each day and any other information that you will be receiving.

Upcoming Evaluations

If you are interested in being part of the team for any of the following upcoming evaluations, please email the VPP Coordinator for that federal OSHA Region.

SGE Documents

SGE Individual Contact Information – This document needs to be completed for each evaluation that you are scheduled to participate on.

Sample of the Team Welcome Letter – This explains what the schedule will be like during the evaluation.

Element Evaluation Guide – Once selected to be on a team and team assignments are distributed, this document will help you in evaluating the areas you are assigned.

VPP Interview Questions – Review this to help prepare for your interviews.