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Registered Apprenticeship – It Pays – It Works

Are you seeking talent for your business?

Are you interested in learning a new occupation through apprenticeship?

Registered Apprenticeship (RA) is an occupation-specific training model that creates benefits for Employers and Apprentices. On-the-job training and related technical instruction meet the needs of apprentices as they work to become competent in the occupation. As their skills increase, employers reap the benefits of that highly skilled employee. The marriage of the “earn while you learn” model with the technical instruction creates loyal, engaged employees. As an Apprentice, you create your career path; as an employer, you gain competitive edge in a global Economy.

Our Program Offerings

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Recruit, train, mentor, and retain your talent pool through the RA model. RA Consultants work with you to customize a flexible program that covers training and education. Providing this professional development reduces turnover, builds your bench and creates a holistic culture in your workplace through teamwork and mentorship.

•     Signing up is easy
•     No fee to register as a sponsor
•     DOLI RA Consultants assist at each step
•     Programs can be customized to industry needs

Potential Apprentices

The apprenticeship model appeals to high school students, transitioning military, veterans, military spouses, returning citizens, career-switchers and more. This is an opportunity to get on-the-job training from highly skilled experts in your field of choice. Attend classes at your local community college, vocational-technical center, online, and on the job without accumulating debt.

•     Create your own career path and earn while you learn
•     Work in an occupation that allows you to grow
•     Earn a nationally recognized credential

Interested in hiring apprentices? Or finding an apprenticeship?

WorkHands offers an apprenticeship-specific job board for Virginia. Please visit Virginia’s WorkHands page to get started recruiting, or finding, an apprenticeship

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What our partners say

Oceaneering International, Inc. is a proud Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor. Apprenticeships are a workforce development effort that plays an important role in identifying, training and retaining the leaders of tomorrow.


G. J. Hopkins, Inc. is a mechanical, electrical and service company in Roanoke Virginia. We have offered the apprenticeship program to our employees for 30 years. It not only develops the knowledge and skills of our employees but builds the confidence within our company that our employees are knowledgeable of their trade.


The Louisa County Public Schools partnership with the VA Dept. of Labor and Industry is a “no-brainer” for the employer and apprentice. Job skills are being taught through on-the-job training and students are earning a paycheck while learning and receiving a high school credit. Stakeholders are excited and committed to building a better workforce for
the future.


UVA recognizes the value of ‘growing our own’ skilled trades workforce, and this is catching on across the state and the nation. Our mentors, many of whom are apprentice graduates themselves, teach skills and professionalism in the trades as well as take great pride in and stewardship of our University.