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Electronic Youth Employment Certificate now available online. 

*Please read instruction sheet prior to applying.  Virginia Electronic Employment Certificate Instruction Sheet

Click the button below to begin Employment Certificate Application Process.

All 14-15 year old workers in Virginia are required to obtain an Employment Certificate (Work Permit). Upon completion of all 3 sections, generally the system will issue permits within 24 hours of your request. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ONLY THE EMPLOYER IS AUTHORIZED TO SUBMIT THE EMPLOYER PORTION OF THE APPLICATION AS THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ADHERING TO THE RECORD RETENTION REQUIREMENTS. 

-or –

Manual Youth Employment Certificate Application Forms can be downloaded and submitted. Both forms must be submitted together. Click here for full instructions.

Permission to Employ PDF | Employer Intent to Employ PDF 

Need help navigating through the system? Watch these step by step walkthrough videos for assistance!

Step 1 – Youth

Step 2 – Employer

Step 3 – Parent/Guardian