Labor & Employment Law

Youth Employment

Employment Certificates

In Virginia, all 14-15 year old workers in Virginia are required to obtain an Employment Certificate (Work Permit). Upon completion of all 3 sections, generally the system will issue permits within 24 hours of your request.  Manual Youth Employment Certificate Application Forms can be downloaded and submitted. Both forms must be submitted together.

Theatrical Permits 

In Virginia, the management of any theater or other public place where a performance, concert, commercial presentation or entertainment is to take place, must secure a Theatrical Permit from the Department of Labor and Industry allowing minors under the age of 16 to participate.   The Department of Labor and Industry must be satisfied that the conditions are “not detrimental to the health or morals of the child and that the child’s education will not be neglected or hampered by his or her participation in such drama, play, performance, concert, or entertainment.” § 40.1-102. No such Permit is required for any nonprofit dance, or music recital or noncommercial television or radio broadcast.  Non-profit schools of performing arts are not required to obtain Theatrical Permits for performances related to classes. The Child Labor Compliance Officers will review each application and investigate each performance situation in which the minor child will participate. For further information on Theatrical Permits call (804) 371-3104 Ext 243.