Labor & Employment Law

Employment Certificates

Employment certificates are obtained through the Agency’s online system Virginia Electronic Employment Certificate System, (VAeECS). The youth must have a job offer prior to applying for an employment certificate. The process requires online actions by the youth, employer, and parent, guardian, or custodian in that order.

The first step in the process is youth registration online. Upon successful registration, the youth will be issued a unique identifier number. This unique identifier number must be provided to the prospective employer to register to employ the youth, and to the parent, guardian, or custodian for consent to employment. All parties should follow the screen prompts to properly register and complete required actions online.

Once an employment certificate has been issued the employer will receive the certificate electronically. In accordance with §40.1-96 of the Code of Virginia, the employer must present the employment certificate to the youth for their signature. The employer is required by §40.1-96 to retain either a paper or electronic copy of the employment certificate so long as the youth is employed or for a period of 36 months, whichever is longer.