Frequently Asked Questions: Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety

What are the requirements regarding having a boiler and/or pressure vessel inspected?

The Code of Virginia specifies that all boilers and pressure vessels in the Commonwealth must be registered with the Department of Labor and Industry unless specifically exempted in the Code. Click here to see Exemptions.

How often must a boiler and/or pressure vessel be inspected?

High pressure boilers are to be inspected annually.
Heating boilers are to be inspected every 2 years.
Pressure vessels are to be inspected every 2 years.

What is considered to be a high pressure boiler?

A steam boiler over 15 psi or a hot water boiler over 160 psi.

Who can inspect my boilers?

You should contact either a qualified Inspector from your insurance company if you are insured; OR a qualified Contract Fee Inspector.

We are installing new equipment, who should we contact?

You should contact either a qualified Inspector from your insurance carrier if you are insured; OR a qualified Contract Fee Inspector.

Is a license required to operate a boiler in Virginia?

There is no state requirement by the Commonwealth to have a license to operate a boiler. However, the Code of Virginia allows any city or county in Virginia the option of requiring certain persons to obtain a certificate from the locality. At the present time, no locality in the Commonwealth requires such a certification.

Isn't it the responsibility of the insurance company to know when my certificate expires?

No, it is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the certificate is up to date.

Prior to issuing a delinquent notice, should the state notify me that my certificate will be expiring soon?

No, the state issues no notices to the owner regarding the expiration of the certificate prior to the issuance of a delinquent notice.

How can I obtain a listing of all registered equipment in Virginia?

A listing of all registered equipment in Virginia can be obtained by requesting the information in writing under the FOIA and paying a fee.

I just received my certificates of inspection and the owner/user's information is incorrect. Can you please update them and submit corrected certificates?

Certificates were issued based on the information reported by the inspection company. If there is an error or errors, please specify the VA number marked on the vessel, the correction to be made, and a corrected certificate will be issued.

How can I get a duplicate of my certificate?

Please provide the VA number marked in the vessel and a duplicate certificate will be provided.

How can I get an extension of a certificate for operating a boiler past its expiration date?

All owners/users have a 60-day grace period to renew a certificate. In order to get a further extension (maximum of three months) you must specify the VA number for the boiler needing the extension, the expiration date, the requested extension date; a check for $20 for each additional month; and arrange for an Inspector to provide an external inspection report indicating agreement to the additional time.

Are Virginia Boiler & Pressure Vessel Rules and Regulations available online?

Yes, they can be found in the Virginia Administrative Code’s Searchable Database by entering the “Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety”, or you can also download Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Rules and Regulations in pdf format.

For questions/comments regarding these FAQs, please contact Boiler Safety.