Recruit, train, mentor, and retain your talent pool through the RA model. RA Consultants work with you to customize a flexible program that covers training and education. Providing this professional development reduces turnover, builds your bench and creates a holistic culture in your workplace through teamwork and mentorship.

•     Signing up is easy
•     No fee to register as a sponsor
•     DOLI RA Consultants assist at each step
•     Programs can be customized to industry needs


Interested in hiring apprentices? Or finding an apprenticeship?

WorkHands offers an apprenticeship-specific job board for Virginia. Please visit Virginia’s WorkHands page to get started recruiting, or finding, an apprenticeship

National Occupations

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Youth Apprentices

Students can explore an industry and use this program as a stepping stone and resume builder to a career. Our youth program integrates school-based and work-based learning to help students gain work based experience and a start to a sustainable career. A student will receive:

• Paid employment
• Relevant Related Technical Instruction
• Mentorship and On-The-Job Training

Related Technical Instruction

One of most important features of any Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program is the Related Technical Instruction (RTI) component. Here is where the employer/sponsor articulates their need for relevant, occupation specific theoretical content that supports the on the job training that occurs at the worksite. There is great flexibility with respect to modality and we facilitate solutions wherever needed so that each employer/sponsor’s RA program continues to foster industry competencies and valuable employees.

Education Resources

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Private Providers

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