COVID-19 Reference Material

This page has been established to serve as a guide to all of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) content posted on this site.

Reporting a Positive Coronavirus Case – Report a positive Coronavirus case, as well as a fatality or serious injury

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources – COVID-19 reference material including links to the standard, reporting information, OSHA and other external reference links, training material and contact information.

Outreach, Education and Training – The Department of Labor and Industry has published training material related to the implementation of the adopted the COVID-19 ETS, 16VAC25-220.

Frequently Asked Questions – The Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) program developed these FAQs to provide information and assistance regarding the standard’s requirements.

VOSH Standard for COVID-19, 16 VAC25-220On January 13, 2021, the Safety and Health Codes Board adopted a the VOSH Standard  for Infectious Disease Prevention: SARS-CoV-2 Virus that Causes COVID-19, 16 VAC25-220.

Archive of the Safety and Health Codes Board Electronic Emergency Meeting for COVID-19 – The process that led to the development and adoption of the Emergency Temporary Standard 16VAC25-220

Archive of the Notification of Intent to Adopt Standard – In accordance with Executive Order 63, the Department prepared an emergency temporary standard/emergency regulation to address COVID-19,

Safety and Health Codes Board – Oversight body established by the Virginia General Assembly to make rules and regulations governing workplace safety operations.