Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety

Inspection Report Requirements


May 25, 2005

TO: All Insurance Companies/Inspectors


To Whom It May Concern:

Several changes are being made to the internal processes and procedures at the Department of Labor and Industry – Boiler Division, to improve our production and service to both our customers and inspectors. The majority of the changes will not directly affect your companies. However, we are asking for your assistance in improving our production. We need all inspections to be accurate and reported in a more uniformed manner. As a result of this request, we have decided to provide each inspection company with a copy of the BPV-5 (a.k.a. NB-5), which is a very user friendly form available on our website. Enclosed are copies of the BPV-5 [High Pressure Boilers | Low Pressure Boilers | Unfired Pressure Vessels | Water Heaters] for the different objects you inspect, with each required entry highlighted to ensure that the information reported is complete and accurate. Please remember that all new inspections (new objects that have never been inspected since installed) are to be submitted on green paper so we can ensure that they are processed properly.

Virginia Law Section Code 16 VAC 25-50-90 (A) states that “Special inspectors shall submit first inspection reports to the chief inspector on Form BPV-5 for each boiler and pressure vessel subject to registration and inspection in this Commonwealth.” Also, Law Section Code 16 VAC 25-50-90 (C) states “Inspection reports shall be submitted within 30 days from the date of inspection.”

In addition to the need for a more uniformed inspection report, we could use your support in our report processing by separating the reports by certain criteria. It would be a great convenience for us to process the reports if they were separated by the following categories:

  • Renewals and new objects (only if adding to an existing company)
  • Violations
  • New objects of a newly established company with no prior object record
  • Inactives
  • Commonwealth Of Virginia (COV’s)

Also, it would be extremely helpful if all reports could be put in alphabetical order by the owner’s name, which is how they are processed once they are received here in the
Boiler Division.

Lastly, it is imperative that the owner’s information (name and address) is correct and accurate, to ensure the invoices and certificates are issued correctly. Please note in  the comment section (Section 12, at the bottom of the BPV-5) if the owner’s name and/or address has changed.

We appreciate the great service that you all are already providing to us. However, we are trying to be more uniformed with the inspection reports to reduce errors, and to ensure that we received all of the information required to process the reports more efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 804-786-3160 or email us via our website at