Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety

Paying your bill online
You may pay for your inspection certificate online using a credit card.

Please note that we do NOT accept credit card payments over the phone.

Instead, you must click the button below to access the Elavon credit card payment portal.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

o Invoice number
o VA object number
o User name

The Invoice number can be found on the upper left-hand side of the invoice. Please ensure you enter this number exactly as it appears on the invoice.

The VA Object Number can also be found on the invoice we sent you. It consists of six digits preceded by the letters “VA”, such as VA123456

Your invoice may have more than one VA Object Number. However, you only need to provide one VA Object Number to process payment. Please ensure you enter the letters “VA” plus the corresponding six digits.

The USER name is the entity or person to whom the invoice was sent. The USER name appears on the address field, below the word “USER”

You will receive confirmation via email directly from Elavon that your transaction was successful. This may take a few minutes.

This inspection and certification program plays a critical role in promoting safety for all Virginians. Industrial boilers and pressure vessels are used in many large and small establishments, including hospitals, small offices, and large factories. We oversee regular inspections of boilers and pressure vessels in workplaces, apartments, and all other establishments open to the public under the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act. Our oversight of installation, operation, and repair of these vessels, and certification of both the vessels and the inspectors assures the safe operation of these powerful systems.

Virginia Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules and Regulations may be found in the Virginia Administrative Code’s Searchable Database by entering “Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety”. You can also view the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Rules and Regulations at the Virginia Administrative Code web site. To view, a printable pdf of the current Code of Virginia and the current Rules and Regulations Click here. The Virginia Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act may be found in Code of Virginia database.

For general information or assistance with paying your invoice, please contact the Division of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety by phone at (804) 786-3160 or by email at