Approved Online Instruction

The Related Technical Instruction (RTI) component of the Registered Apprenticeship (RA) model is continuously changing and evolving. The RA team is always working towards meeting the needs of employers/sponsors and apprentices by sourcing RTI prospects. The RA Division recognizes seven online RTI opportunities that offer full and partial programs.

If difficulties arise in sourcing RTI, as per usual, please contact your Registered Apprenticeship Consultant with the Department of Labor and Industry.


NCCER is an approved curriculum for Registered Apprenticeship by the Virginia Department of Labor & Industry. Each of the crafts offered to provide the necessary hours for a Registered Apprenticeship program. In most cases, the hours of instruction exceed the requirements. One of the advantages of using NCCER is that some of the crafts also have an online course option which may be used as a hybrid form of instruction or an online only form of instruction. In all modes of delivery, it is important to remember that tests must be proctored by an approved provider and records need to be kept on file for three years from the time of an Apprentices’ completion.

Partial Programs




Refrigeration and HVAC



Refrigeration and HVAC

180 skills

Automotive manufacturing

CNC Machinist