Registered Apprenticeship

Southside Virginia Community College

Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC)
Information Technology Registered Apprenticeship

SVCC looked within their organization and identified their Information Technology Department as an area that could best be served by Virginia’s Department of Labor and Industry’s (DOLI) Registered Apprenticeship program. They identified two incumbent workers who, in addition to receiving their on the job training and related instruction, will also receive a Journeyworker’s Card and Certificate of Completion from the DOLI. As part of their Related Instruction, they will also receive Industry Certification in specific areas of Information Technology. As state agencies experience the same labor shortage as the private section, Registered Apprenticeship (RA) could give them a “win-win” and a competitive edge in recruitment.

Are you a Community College or a four year college that has opportunity to sponsor your own internal Registered Apprenticeship program? Contact your local Registered Apprenticeship  Consultant or Headquarters to get started.