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Apprenticeship Job Postings

The Division of Registered Apprenticeship is now offering a job posting feature to all Registered Apprenticeship sponsors when they have a Registered Apprenticeship opportunity.  Contact for more information and to fill out your request form.  Your ad will remain posted until all positions are filled. Sponsors may request removal.

Septrical, LLC has Electrical Apprentice/Journeymen Apprenticeship Opportunities

Septrical, LLC is seeking motivated, hardworking, responsible individuals to take on the roles of leadership for various duties. We provide a wide range of residential and commercial electrical services. We specialize in Sewer/Septic Control Wiring. Our knowledge in the industry is by far the most intense analysis troubleshooting septic controls there is. We work with many Manufacturer’s Technicians on specific systems to provide the correct diagnoses and repair. We use calculations to support the longevity of pumps, blowers, and equipment for the customer as it was intended.

You will be expected to participate in classes that we attend in the fields as follows:

Manufacture’s troubleshooting classes
Safety classes
Vendor courses
Locating/underground fault detecting
Continuing education classes by others

So, as you see your education will still go on because an electrician should always be up to speed on all industry changes. Along with learning the different components and prefab equipment we build in shop for our jobs. Computer work does involve at time some entry into our system for jobs and inventory. We have 50+ years of experience in the electrical trade and can no doubt teach you to be that knowledgeable electrician you started this career to be. Your commitment to the company will a rewarding venture

Hiring Contact: Brian Oxendine/ President

PAINT Nail Bar has Nail Technician Apprenticeship Opportunities

Non-Toxic, Fume Free Nail Salon

Finally a place for nail services where the staff comes first! Together, we are “painting” the DMV with beautiful, chic nails as PAINT Nail Bar—a trendy, cutting-edge nail salon that we want you to be a part of!

  • We offer a wide range of luxury manicure, pedicure, nail enhancement, and nail rehabilitation services (lacquer, water-based gel, gel extensions and sculpting gel)
  • Our fume-free environment is safe for you and our clients
  • Use of non-toxic nail products of the highest quality (5 to 12-free, water-based, vegan, gluten-free
  • Lotions, scrubs and soaks are plant-based and organic
  • No acrylics, dips, drills—our premium products and services make PAINT Nail Bar a destination for clean beauty
  • The medical-grade sterilization standards are second to none
  • All tools, implements, files, buffers, and products are provided

    PAINT Nail Bar Values

    PAINT Nail Bar is looking for reliable, passionate professionals who are committed to client comfort and safety. We are dedicated to hygiene and sterilization protocols and it is important to us that our staff believes in those values as strongly as we do. Professionalism and top-notch customer service skills are of paramount importance, so only the most “polished” (pun intended) applicants will be accepted.

Hiring Contact: Kevin Donohoo, Owner or

IMS Gear Virginia, LLC has Mechatronic Apprenticeship Opportunities

Come and Grow with Us!
Are you ready to start investing in a career that can take you beyond your imagination? At IMS Gear, understand that investing in one’s education and professional development is the best way to grow. We will provide you with training in our apprentice lab and hands experience with our high innovative machines. We look forward to developing a successful working relationship as you achieve your goals within your new career!!

Mechatronics Apprenticeship Program
• 2 year program
• Receive an hourly pay in addition to free tuition and books
• Journey Worker Certificate will be granted by the Department of Labor and Industry
• Career Studies Certificate in Mechatronics granted by Tidewater Community College
• Excellent job opportunities with IMS Gear
• Competitive compensation and benefit package

Job Description
• Reads, applies and provides technical documents
• Planning and adjusting of work procedures
• Set up and make changeovers on assembly lines
• Disassembling, troubleshooting, assembling and setting up equipment with electrical and pneumatic components

Job Requirements
• High School diploma or GED equivalent
• Technical understanding, mechanical aptitude, problem solving skills
• Flexibility, good communication skills, and innovative thinking

Application Requirements
• Letter of interest and resume
• High School transcript
• Letters of recommendation
• TCC passing placement test results for Math and English

Hiring Contacts: Amy Coburn – Human Resources Christian Richter – Apprentice Manager

Smoothstack Inc. has Application Developer (Junior Software Developer) Apprenticeship Opportunities

Smoothstack— a cutting-edge IT apprenticeship program that is helping candidates find quality and inclusive opportunities with some of the largest IT companies in the DC Metro area.

We are looking for developers who want to engage in challenging projects in futuristic technology, software development, and much more within a variety of sectors such as financial, health care, energy and federal.

Everyone from the self-taught engineer to the recent college graduate are welcome to apply. No prior work experience is required and we have multiple openings in and around Washington D.C.. We will provide on the job training after you are hired.

Hiring Contact: Robert Gentile, Senior Recruiter

Contact information for potential apprentices: Penelope Cruz 202-888-0426

Occupation: Application Developer (Junior Software Developer)


Mechanical Contractors Association of Metropolitan Washington has Steamfitter/Pipefitter Apprenticeship Opportunities

Contact Information

Interested in a career in Pipefitting, Welding, Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Construction, Service and Maintenance)?

The Apprenticeship program is a five year training program.  Apprentices are assigned to a union contractor and work on assigned work sites, generally 40 hours per week.  The apprentice is required to attend related training classes on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday evenings from approximately 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Additional classes (usually for first and second years) may be mandatory on Saturdays as early as September and going through April.  The apprentice is paid for hours worked on the job site by the contractor but is not paid for attending related training classes.  Accepted applicants will serve a one year probation period.  The probationary apprentice who successfully completes the probationary period by meeting all obligations at assigned employment, in related training class and to the Local Union, will be initiated into the Local Union.

Applications are taken annually in January.  You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.  If you are selected for apprenticeship, final acceptance will be contingent on ability to pass drug and background screening.

For more information, visit

Insystech, Inc. has Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Analyst ApprenticeApprenticeship Opportunities

• Must be self-motivated, self-starter, avid learner, enthusiastic communicator and a US Citizen eligible to obtain Clearance.

• Must have minimum 3 years of experience working as an analyst creating/analyzing business processes.

• Must have good fundamental understanding of how computers work, how the internet works, software applications, mobile apps etc.,

• Nice to have an understanding of how software applications are developed (SDLC, AGILE, SCRUM).

• Use Email, Instant Messaging, Virtual Meeting with ease.

• Education: BS/BA in CS, IT, Math, Science, Business, Marketing OR Associates in IT, CS and 2 additional years of experience.
The apprentice would learn through formal course work, training, mentoring and self-study the skills, techniques needed to become an RPA Analyst. Depending on the starting qualifications, experience, skills a custom roadmap will be developed for the individual. At the end of the learning activity the apprentice will be required to pass appropriate certification exam(s). The apprentice will be placed in in-house project teams where they would gain experience. After gaining sufficient experience, confidence (evaluated by self and the company) the apprentice could be placed in a billable contract. The apprentice would continue to learn new skills through mentoring, self-study and become a mature RPA Analyst after successfully completing few contracts.

Hiring Contact: Danette Powell, HR Manager

Contact Information:

Stheree Skin Care has Apprenticeship Opportunities for Esthetician, Master Esthetician

Esthetician’s provide a positive attitude, by welcoming clients in a friendly manner, provide the appropriate services such as facials, waxing, threading, peels and making sure to meet the required results the clients are requesting. Rebook the client for their next appointment. Keep the skin care place clean and ready following the sanitary guidelines required by the rules and regulations. Managing the spa, cash handling, accounts and files. Following the day to day services as per the spa requirements. Opening and closing of the spa.

Occuoation:- Esthetician, Master Esthetician

Hiring Contact: Lakshmi Ryali

Contact Information:, 703 727 0952

Invidia Hair design has Hair Stylist/Colorist Apprenticeship Opportunities

Hiring Contact Name: Elena Sanzone (804) 264-3689

Now hiring for highly motivated energetic, confident and outgoing apprentice to join our team for hands on training for a career as a hair stylist/colorist.

BRR Refrigeration HVAC, LLC has Refrigeration Technician Apprentice Opportunities

Hiring Contact: Michelle Roomsburg, Director of Internal Operations 757-474-9675 Position Title: Refrigeration Technician Apprentice

Over a 4-year time period, our apprentices will complete 144 hours each year of classroom instruction and 8000 hours OJT learning various proficiencies in refrigeration, including:

1. Understand the different types and use of refrigerant and commercial refrigeration systems.
2. Understand the use of safety devices, electronic and manual controls, and electrical systems of a commercial refrigeration system.
3. Understand and know how to troubleshoot, repair, charge, and maintain a commercial refrigeration system.
4. Understand piping layout, support blueprints, and safety of a commercial refrigeration systems.
5. Learn computer skills with controls, safety devices, and tablets.
6. Show skills required to correctly solder and braze piping connections as needed to make repairs.
7. Understand troubleshooting methods, replace parts, and run tests to ensure systems are working properly following repairs.
8. Perform preventative maintenance checklists.
9. Operate tools, gauges, leak detectors, meters, and other testing equipment.
10. Understand and troubleshoot control systems.

BRR Refrigeration HVAC, LLC has Electrician Apprenticeship Opportunities

Hiring Contact: Michelle Roomsburg, Director of Internal Operations 757-474-9675 Position Title: Electrician Apprentice

Over a 4-year time period, our apprentices will complete 144 hours each year of classroom instruction and 8000 hours OJT learning various proficiencies in electrical refrigeration, including:

1. Install power supply wiring, low and high voltage, and conduit. Connect power supply wire to machines and equipment.
2. Troubleshoot, test, and diagnose electrical control problems.
3. Troubleshoot, test, and diagnose electrical high voltage control problems.
4. Read wiring diagrams, plans and blueprint layouts, and list of material needed for a job.
5. Knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principals involved in decision making.
6. Knowledge and experience in energy management, pressure and temperature electronic controls and systems, and printed circuit boards.
7. Practice job safety and wear safety equipment.
8. Learn how to program and navigate through computer controls for commercial systems.
9. Learn computer skills with tablets.