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Regional Office Directors

Central Regional Safety Director – harvey.trice@doli.virginia.gov
Central Regional Health Director – deonna.hargrove@doli.virginia.gov

Northern Virginia Regional Safety Director – daniel.wells@doli.virginia.gov
Northern Virginia Regional Health Director– elizabeth.tomlin@doli.virginia.gov

Tidewater Regional Safety Director – jeannie.buckingham@doli.virginia.gov
Tidewater Regional Health Director – maryella.mitchell@doli.virginia.gov

Southwest Regional Safety Director – russell.bambarger@doli.virginia.gov
Southwest Regional Health Director – paul.saunier@doli.virginia.gov

Agency Program Directors

Registered Apprenticeship Director – patricia.morrison@doli.virginia.gov  – 

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Director – ed.hilton@doli.virginia.gov  – 

Labor and Employment Law Director – Wendy Inge – laborlaw@doli.virginia.gov  – 

Occupational Safety Compliance Director – marta.fernandes@doli.virginia.gov  

Occupational Health Compliance Director – ron.graham@doli.virginia.gov

Director of Consultation Services – jennifer.rose@doli.virginia.gov 


Managers Supervisors and Coordinators

FOIA Coordinator – jane.daffron@doli.virginia.gov