Since 1898, the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry has served its citizens, employers and employees of the Commonwealth.  As an executive branch agency under the Secretary of Labor, the Department works with Virginia employers and employees to develop strong occupational safety and health programs and with those who strive to achieve workplace safety and health by offering voluntary protection programs and consultation services.  The agency’s compliance activities address safety and health hazards in general industry and construction, and increase workplace safety awareness via special emphasis programs.  Through registered apprenticeship, the Department promotes job training opportunities that prepare the skilled workers that employers seek to hire.  The agency also administers child labor, minimum wage, and other labor laws.  In addition, the Department safeguards life and property by certifying and overseeing the inspection of boilers and pressure vessels.

Agency Programs
Our programs and services include Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety, Labor and Employment Law, Registered Apprenticeship, and Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH).  Within VOSH we ensure safety and health compliance with VOSH Standards and Regulations, provide Consultation services to include training and the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program, and Virginia Voluntary Protection Programs to include BEST, VPP Challenge and VPP Star.

Board and Council
The Virginia Apprenticeship Council and the Safety and Health Codes Board are the regulatory and advisory bodies formally constituted in the Code of Virginia which are affiliated with DOLI.

Organization Chart
A graphic representation of how we are structured as an agency

Agency Strategic Plan
The document that defines DOLI’s direction and strategy toward fulfilling its Agency Mission

Agency Brochure
A brief synopses of DOLI Program services and related contact phone numbers

Our Mission
A formal summary of the aims and values of DOLI in addressing its mandated responsibilities

Our Commissioner
A brief background summary on Commissioner Pan

Office Locations
A complete list of all DOLI statewide office locations.

Agency Staff  
Our regional directors, program directors, managers and coordinators

Employment at DOLI
We offer a diverse range of career opportunities for progressive-minded individuals seeking challenges.

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