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Fatality at Work


Fatality/Catastrophe Notifications

Virginia Code § 40.1-51.1.D requires all employers, regardless of how many individuals they employ, to report any work related incident resulting in a fatality or a catastrophe (catastrophe is defined as the in-patient hospitalization of three (3) or more persons) within eight (8) hours to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI).

If an employer does not learn of a fatality or catastrophe at the time that it occurs, and the incident would otherwise be reportable to DOLI, the employer is required by law to report the incident within 8 hours of the time that it is made known to any agent or employee of the employer.

If an employee dies as a result of the incident, the employer is required to report the death to DOLI within 8 hours of learning of the death.

How to Report - All reports are required to be made by using the link below, via telephone to the numbers listed below or in person at a DOLI office. Under no circumstances are fatality or catastrophe reports to be made by e-mail. link

During normal business hours (8:15 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.) an incident should be reported to the closest regional or field office at the following numbers:

  804 371-3104 Office
  703 392-0900 Office
  757 455-0891 Office
  540 562-3580 Office
  276 676-5465 Office
  434 385-0806 Office
  540 248-9280 Office

Before or after normal business hours or on weekends and holidays, incidents can be reported by calling the appropriate cell phone or pager number for the nearest office:

  804 229-4666 Cell Phone
  571 264-4089 Cell Phone
  757 837-2017 Cell Phone
  540 983-5362 Pager
  540 983-5362 Pager
  540 983-5362 Pager
  571 264-4089 Cell Phone

If unable to reach the local phone numbers or pagers, the State Police Duty Sergeant in Richmond, VA should be contacted at 804/674-2026.

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