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Frequently Asked Questions: Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) - cont.

  1. How do I know if my company will qualify for participation?
    A Self-Assessment Checklist (PDF) is included in the application package. If your company meets the criteria in the checklist, or could within a short period of time, your company is probably ready to apply for participation in the VPP.

  2. Why does VOSH need to come to my site?
    The VPP review team must verify that the safety and health program described in your VPP application is fully operational and addresses all potential hazards at the site.

  3. Who comes on a VPP on-site review?
    That depends on how large your facility is. Normally the on-site team consists of a team leader, a safety specialist, an industrial hygienist and a back-up leader. Most team members will be employees of VOSH but some may be volunteer safety and health professionals from current VPP Star sites.

  4. What will happen if the team discovers an apparent violation of VOSH standards during the certification audit?
    VOSH safety and health professionals will be looking for evidence that your program is creating and maintaining safe and healthful working conditions. Any hazards they may observe will serve as indicators that some aspect of your program may need improvement. While they won't issue citations, safety and health professionals will not ignore hazards. They will work with you to determine how and when to correct any hazards they see. If corrections require more time than the on-site review allows, you will be asked to notify your VOSH VPP Coordinator when corrections are completed.

  5. Do I have to wait until the end of the review to find out my chances of being approved?
    The recommendation of the VVVP team regarding approval of your site will be based on a comprehensive assessment of your operations in relation to the VPP requirements, so a recommendation cannot be made until the review is complete. However, the VPP team leader will discuss the team's observations with your designated representatives at the end of each day so that you will know how the review is progressing.

  6. We've been recommended as a Star worksite! What happens next?
    The VPP team report and recommendation are sent to the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry for approval. If approved by the Commissioner, a letter and a copy of the final report will be sent to the site manager and VPP Coordinator announcing approval of your site as a Star Worksite.

    In most cases the company will hold a ceremony where the Commissioner or other DOLI representative presents a VPP Star flag and a certificate of recognition from the Governor.
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