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Frequently Asked Questions: Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

  1. What is the Virginia Voluntary Protection Program?
    The Virginia Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) is a cooperative compliance program designed to recognize and promote effective safety and health management. The VPP concept recognizes that enforcement of safety regulations alone can never fully achieve the objectives of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Good safety management programs that go beyond VOSH standards can protect employees more effectively than simple compliance.

    Therefore, VPP is NOT "just another program," it is really a "process" that defines a single system and structured approach to help achieve the goal of working more safely. VPP has been described as both an "umbrella" and as a "roadmap," focusing on four key areas necessary to have a comprehensive safety and health program. Those key areas are:
    • Management Leadership and Employee Involvement
    • Worksite Analysis
    • Hazard Prevention and Control
    • Safety and Health Training

  2. How will my company benefit from participation in the VPP?
    While there are many benefits that can be realized from participation in VPP, the most common ones are:
    • Improved employee motivation to work safely, leading to better quality and productivity
    • Lost workday case rates that are generally 60% to 80% below average for companies of the same size and industry
    • Reduced workers' compensation and other injury and illness-related costs
    • Positive community recognition and interaction
    • Further improvement of already good programs through the internal and external reviews that are part of the application process and through annual evaluation of safety and health programs
    • Access to the resources and expertise of a larger community of safety and health professionals
    • Partnership with VOSH
  1. How do I apply for participation in VPP?
    You must submit a written application to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, Voluntary Protection Program. The application guidelines are included in the VPP information kit (PDF). After your written application and all necessary documents have been reviewed, an on-site review will be scheduled.

  2. How long does it take after submitting the VPP application for a company to be ready for the VPP Star certification audit?
    The length of time required for preparation is different for each company. While some companies may only need minor modifications to their existing programs, others may be starting from scratch.
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