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Frequently Asked Questions: Research and Analysis

  1. Is the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses mandatory?
    Yes, the Survey is required by Public Law 91-596.

  2. My company had no injuries or illnesses. Do I still have to respond to the Survey?
    Yes. The Survey requires all employers who receive the Survey booklet to respond, whether or not there are injuries or illnesses. The results show rates for entire industries, not just for those companies that have injuries and illnesses to report. If you have no injuries or illnesses, don't forget to provide the employment average and the total hours worked.

  3. Should I send my Form 300 to the Department each year?
    No, your Form 300 is your company's injury and illness record and should be kept. A VOSH inspector may request it for review in an inspection, but otherwise it should be maintained at your business location.

  4. How can I compare my company's injury and illness record with others?
    The office of Research and Analysis maintains injury and illness rates by industry. If you know your company's industry, you can compare your company's rate with the rate calculated for that industry. Calculate your company rate using this formula: (number of injuries or illnesses or both / total hours worked by all employees during the calendar year) x 200,000.

  5. Can I find out how many injuries, illnesses, or fatalities have occurred in my city or county?
    No, our data are only available on a statewide basis.

  6. How can I obtain copies of the Form 300 for my company?
    You can download the form from the OSHA web site or you may contact our office at (804) 786-8011 and we will be glad to send you the forms at no charge.

  7. Do you have information on the number of workers in the Virginia labor force and their characteristics?
    This information is available from the Virginia Employment Commission's Labor Market web site, Our agency provides information on workers who have been injured at work, but not for all workers in the labor force.

  8. What if my employment average and total hours worked are not available for our company?
    For employment average, we are looking for the typical amount of employees that you normally staff during the year. If your employment does not change or fluctuate during the year, then that number of employees is your employment average. Employment average can be calculated by looking at how many employees (full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal, salaried, hourly) your company had for each month during a calendar year, add the numbers up for each month and then divide by 12 months to get you employment average for the year.

    You can also estimate the total hours worked by multiplying the number of full-time employees by the number of hours typically worked in a week (usually 40 hrs. for full-time employees) and then multiple that number by the number of weeks worked during the year. We usually use 50 weeks since a majority of employees get around two weeks of vacation time/sick leave per year. Then, add the number of overtime hours and the number of hours worked by any part-time, temporary and seasonal employees for the year.

    Please contact us at (804) 786-8011 if you need any further assistance.

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