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Common VOSH Complaints

Office Temperature
Office temperature and humidity conditions are generally a matter of human comfort rather than hazards that could cause death or serious physical harm. OSHA cannot cite the General Duty Clause for personal discomfort.

Mold and Indoor Air Quality
VOSH does not currently enforce any regulation which applies to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)  More information on Indoor Air Quality is available here IAQ Guidelines Adobe Icon

Drug Use in the workplace
Illegal usage of drugs (both prescription and non-prescription) should be reported to the local police authority.

Customer/Student/Inmate Safety and Health Concerns
VOSH has jurisdiction when there is an employer/employee relationship.  VOSH regulations do not cover customers at retail establishments to include restaurants, hotels, stores, and vehicle repair establishments. VOSH regulations also do not cover students or inmates. 

Work Hours and Breaks
VOSH does not regulate employee work hours and breaks.  Virginia employers are required to pay employees for all time worked, and are not required to provide breaks.  If you have concerns about wages, please contact our Labor and Employment Law division.  The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry assists in the collection of unpaid wages, but can only collect wages for time worked; we do not collect fringe benefits.

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