Virginia Works Newsletter
February- March 2004

Kingsmill Resort Sponsors Culinary Apprenticeship

The culinary team at Kingsmill Resort, under the direction of Executive Chef Brent E. Wertz, was recently registered to offer a fully certified culinary apprenticeship to eligible candidates who are accepted for a 6000-hour program of study and supervised work in the Resort's hotel kitchens in Williamsburg. This apprenticeship-training program is designed to provide future culinarians entering the workplace with comprehensive training in the practical and theoretical aspects of the work required in this highly skilled profession.

Resort executives believe that apprenticeship is a quality, hands-on method of developing skills in the culinary field, enabling participants to have long and successful careers as professional culinarians. During their tenure at Kingsmill, apprentices become highly experienced in the role, activities and operation of various hotel kitchen departments, including bakeshop, garde manger, ware washing, stocks and sauces, butchering, sautéing, broiling, Eagles, the Marina, Regatta's and the Bray Bistro.

As members of the Kingsmill culinary team, apprentices train both on-the-job and in the classroom. True to registered apprenticeship, apprentices are paid wages and work a regular workweek while being trained in prescribed competencies. Participating apprentices take part in supervised, hands-on learning at the Kingsmill resort and a minimum of 192 hours of related classroom instruction, which is conducted by J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College under the supervision of David Barrish. Related classroom instruction includes college credits.

Graduation follows three years of training and the satisfactory completion of mandatory classroom and hands-on competencies. Successful completion of the apprenticeship qualifies the graduate as Certified Cook by the American Culinary Federation. This qualification is fully sanctioned by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, the Virginia Apprenticeship Council, and the American Culinary Federation Educational Institute.

Visit the Department of Labor and Industry Web site for additional information about Virginia's registered Apprenticeship Program.

To learn more about the Kingsmill Resort and Conference Center, go to

By Ray Kroniser, Apprenticeship Field Representative, Central Virginia Regional Office

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