Virginia Works Newsletter
April - May 2004


As we near the end of the school year in Virginia, teenagers are beginning to look for summer jobs. Each year, approximately 20,000 employment certificates are issued to teenagers working in Virginia. To assist employers hiring teenagers the Labor and Law Division of DOLI would like to provide information regarding employment certificates and other child labor requirements.

With certain limited exceptions, children under the age of fourteen are not permitted to work; therefore they cannot be issued employment certificates. In Virginia, every teenager fourteen or fifteen years of age must have an employment certificate in order to work. The certificates are generated by Issuing Officers who have been appointed by the local School Superintendent and trained by the Department of Labor and Industry.

Teenagers can obtain the two forms they need in order to receive their employment certificates from their local school. The first form is the "Intention to Employ" which must be filled out by the employer. The employer must state clearly the kind of work the teenager will be performing, the number of days per week and the number of hours per day the teenager will be working as well as the amount of time given for lunch periods. The second form is the "Permission for Employment" form. This form is filled out and signed by the parent.

The work permit is issued in three copies. The first copy must be kept at the workplace, even if the teenager changes jobs. The teenager cannot use the same permit for another job, but rather must be issued a new one. Employment certificates are governed by §§40.1-84 through 40.1-96 of the Code of Virginia. Violations of provisions of child labor, including the requirements for employment certificates can result in civil monetary penalties of up to $1,000.00 per violation.

By: Ellen Marie Hess
Employment and Labor Law, DOLI

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