Virginia Works Newsletter
October 2003


There were two significant events for the VPP recently. Lockheed Martin, a defense contractor in Manassas, completed their Star Worksite re-certification evaluation in July. Kentucky Derby Hosiery's Plant 9, in Wytheville, became the twenty-fourth Star Worksite in August.

Lockheed Martin's Manassas facility was re-certified in July of this year. Lockheed Martin, a defense contracting company that develops equipment for use in submarines and integration software for use in naval warfare systems, is one of the oldest Star Worksites in Virginia. They have managed to find ways to continually improve their safety program year after year and, by leveraging their technological resources, they have been able to implement some of the most innovative employee training programs in Virginia. Several areas of excellence were noted during their re-certification evaluation, including their computerized safety training programs, their procedures for working around asbestos, and their emergency response procedures. In addition to their recertification, the company has also agreed to mentor a potential VPP Star Worksite, Covanta Energy, in Alexandria.

In July, the newest Star Worksite was added to the fold. Kentucky Derby Hosiery, located in Wytheville, received their Star on August 26th. KDH began operating their 27,000 sq. ft. facility in 1995. Their major production activity is the finishing (brushing), screen printing and packaging of finished hosiery goods, such as socks, which are made for private label discount stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Dollar General. This plant finishes approximately 48,000 pairs of socks per day. The evaluation yielded a number of areas in which the plant excels, including ergonomics and employee involvement. The plant also accomplished something very significant during the inspection; they reached the 1 million man-hour mark without a lost-time injury.


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