Virginia Apprenticeship Council
2007 Outstanding Apprentices Award Ceremony

Councii & Winners
The presenters of the Outstanding Apprenticeship Awards and the recipients
From left to right: Mr. Ray Louth, Dr. Stephen Staples, Kristine M. Grafton, Danitra A.
Daniels, Matthew J. Beahm, Commissioner Ray Davenport, Cheryl A, Gallant
and Daniel LeBlanc, Senior Advisor to the Governor for Workforce.

Governor Kaine
Governor Timothy M. Kaine
joined the Virginia Apprenticeship Council in presenting
the 2007 Outstanding Apprentice Awards.

2007 Winners
2007 Virginia Apprenticeship Council's Outstanding Apprentices
display plaques presented by the Council, and the
Virginia Apprenticeship Alumni Association.

2007 Outstanding Apprentices and their guests

Council Members
Virginia Apprenticeship Council Meeting
December 13, 2007



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