Virginia Apprenticeship Council
2005 Outstanding Apprentices Award Ceremony


2005 Apprentuiceship Council

Members and Commissioner Ray Davenport

(Seated) Theresa L. Dagenhart, Lynn Taylor, II
(Left-Right) Dudley Harris, Robert M. Bess, Dr. Steven R. Staples, Everett C. Patterson,
Barry W. Baker, C. Ray Davenport, Earl H. Dickerson, and Darold S. Kemp
(Not Pictured) Gloria Westerman, VCCS Representative; and VEC Representative

SCT Addresses the 2005 Council

Secretary of Commmerce and Trade Michael J. Schewel
addressed the 2005 Outstanding Apprentices at the
Virginia Apprenticeship Council Meeting on December 8, 2005.



2005 Outstanding Apprentices
2005 Virginia Apprenticeship Council's Outstanding Apprentices
display plaques presented by the Council, and the
Virginia Apprenticeship Alumni Association.



Sharon Beasely and Council members

Sharon Paulette Beasley
a metal inspector apprentice, employed by Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth
congratulated by Secretary of Commerce and Trade Michael Schewel.


Hugo Juarez Accepts His Award

Hugo Juarez
became a HVAC Journeyman in May 2005.
He is employed by Dwyer Plumbing Corp., Alexandria.


Micheal Norton Displays His Apprenticeship Award

Michael D. Norton
completed his Electrical Apprenticeship in May 2005.
He is employed by G.J. Hopkins, Roanoke.


Tom Venetsamos Poses With Council members Following His Award

Athanasios (Tom) Venetsanos
is a Land Surveyor employed by Sam Whitson Land Surveying, Fairfax.
Tom completed his apprenticeship in August 2005.


Council Members Discuss a Proposal

VAC Member Boards Conducts Business Session

Council Members In Session

Virginia Apprenticeship Council
December 8, 2005



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