13th Annual Virginia
Occupational Safety and Health Conference

June 3-6, 2008
Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel & Waterfront Conference Center


Reanaissance Hotel
Registration Desk
The Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center
Registration Desk


Commissioner DOLI
Keynote Address

Commissioner Davenport opens the conference


Attendees at the Keynote Address by Aaron Trippler


MRSA Superbug
Machibe Guarding

Dr. Edward Oldfield gives his talk on the
MRSA Superbug Prevention and Protection

Nick Hart gives his lecture on Machine Guarding
part of the 10 hour OSHA Construction Course

Crane Safety Demonstration
Bridge Collapse
W.O. Grubb representative Chuck Cooke answers
questions on operation safety following his seminar
James Krueger, Minnesota OSHA Management Team
Director discusses the Minnesota Bridge Collapse
Conference Breaks

The vendors and attendees take a little time
to socialize in between the conference sessions

Attendees break to discuss the conference and take
in some of the scenery from the outdoor overlook



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