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    These projects must also be at one site, such as a large industrial plant or an office building under renovation. Blanket notifications including multiple addresses will be accepted only where the addresses are contiguous to each other and are under the same ownership. An example of this would be a large apartment complex where work will be done in each building. For these you must submit a work plan for the site that includes when each building will be done.

    A blanket project may last no longer than one year. If the project extends longer, you must submit another notification for the remaining period. If there is a break in the work, the contractor is required to amend the notification to show the period when the activity was suspended.

  2. What if there are gaps in the asbestos abatement work to allow other non-abatement contractors to work?
    A phased notification may be used for large renovation projects that must be broken up in pieces to allow other non-abatement contractors time to work between the abatement periods. This type of project requires the following:
    1. The work must be performed in a single building.
    2. The length of the project cannot exceed one calendar year.
    3. The phases were bid as a single project.
    4. There are no more than five separate phases.
    5. The dates and times for the phases must be set out clearly in the notification.

    If the project is to run longer than one year, or have more than five phases, a separate notification must be submitted for the excess amounts.

  3. What if I fail to notify the Department of any asbestos or demolition project?
    Improper notification to the Department of any asbestos and or demolition project as well as failure to amend any revisions to the project dates and other required information on the original notification form may result in citations and monetary penalties.

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