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Frequently Asked Questions: Virginia's Asbestos Regulations

General Questions

  1. When do I receive the asbestos permit to start work?
    The Department will generally issue the permit within seven working days of the receipt of the completed notification form and permit fee. The notification does not become effective until a complete form is submitted and the proper permit fee is enclosed with the completed form or the credit card payment has been approved.

  2. Do I have to notify the Department if there are any changes to the asbestos project and/or demolition?
    Yes, an amended notification must be submitted when certain information on the asbestos form is changed. For specific change provisions refer to paragraph (H) of the Asbestos Notification standard on this Web site.

  3. Can I request an exemption from the 20-calendar or 10-working day reporting period?
    Yes, A complete waiver of the 20-calendar or 10-working day reporting period may be granted only under conditions constituting an emergency involving protection of life, health or property, including but not limited to: leaking or ruptured pipes; accidentally damaged or fallen asbestos that could expose non-asbestos workers or the public; unplanned mechanical outages or repairs essential to a work process that requires asbestos removal and could only be safely removed during the mechanical outage. The notification and any applicable fees must be submitted within five working days after the start of the emergency abatement. A detailed description of the emergency must be included when filing an emergency notification.

    A partial waiver of the reporting period may be granted if there are circumstances that prevented the timely notification of this project and specific hardships which are created by the required reporting period. A detailed statement signed by the facility owner explaining such circumstances should accompany the notification. The statement should include dates project was planned, dates the facility was inspected and any pertinent information on the inspection process. Any request based on financial hardship must include a complete financial statement outlining all financial aspects. If notifications are required to be sent to EPA, copies of any waiver requests should be attached to those notices.

  4. How do I notify the Department about large-scale projects at a single site?
    Blanket notifications can be submitted for large-scale projects of a long duration at a single site. They are not to be used for the purpose of having an abatement contractor on call. The contractor must be engaged in an asbestos project on every workday during the notification period, excluding weekends and holidays. It does not include reinsulation of the pipes or any other non-asbestos related construction activity at the site.
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