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Frequently Asked Questions: Virginia's Asbestos Regulations

General Questions - cont.

  1. Is there a notification and permit fee?
    Yes, an asbestos project permit fee must be submitted with the completed project notification for non-residential structures. The fee is in accordance with the following schedule:
    1. $50 for each project equal to or greater than 10 linear feet or 10 square feet up to and including 260 linear feet and 160 square feet.
    2. $160 for each project equal to or greater than 260 linear feet or 160 square feet up to and including 2600 linear feet and 1600 square feet.
    3. $470 for each project equal to or greater than 2600 linear feet or 1600 square feet.
    4. If the amount of the asbestos is reported in both linear feet and square feet the amounts will be added and treated as if the total were in all square feet for this subsection.
    5. $15 for each amended notification.

  2. Is there a form or format for notification?
    Yes, there is a form for notifications. You can obtain this form from the Department of Labor and Industry Web site or by contacting the Department at the address below:
  1. How do I notify?
    Notifications required by the Department of Labor and Industry regulations shall be sent to the address above by certified mail or hand delivery. Notifications shall be postmarked or delivered twenty calendar days before the beginning of any project. Notifications may also be sent by facsimile transmission for projects that do not require a fee or projects with fees paid by credit card.

    Notifications required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency's NESHAPS regulation must be sent to the Department as described above except the notification period is 10 working days. *Note: EPA does not allow facsimile transmission. NESHAPS required notifications must also be sent to EPA at the address below:

    Asbestos Coordinator
    Region III
    Mail Code 3LC62
    1650 Arch St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029

Lead and Asbestos FAQs - Page 3

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