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Child Work Permits Are Required

In Virginia, every teenager 14 or 15 years of public age must have an employment certificate (work permit) to work at a job. The only exceptions to this requirement are listed below.

Exceptions: Jobs For Which Work Permits Are Not required

1.  On farms, in gardens, and in orchards that are operated by a parent or guardian.           
2.  Work around the home for parents.   
3.  Volunteer work.              
4.  Non-manufacturing jobs where a parent owns the business  
5.  Page or clerk for either the House of Delegates or Senate of Virginia
6.  Occasional work around someone else’s for home, such as yard work       
7.  Work performed for state or local government

Who Issues Work Permits

Work permits may be obtained at most public high schools and many private schools.  Students who are home schooled should visit the nearest high school in order to obtain a work permit. In addition, students who live out of state during the school year must wait until they arrive in Virginia to obtain a work permit. They may also visit the nearest high school once they arrive in Virginia.

How to Obtain a Work Permit

Teenagers can get the forms they need from their local schools. These forms are:

(1) Intention to Employ: This form is filled out by the employer. The employer must state clearly the kind of work the teenager will be performing, the number of days per week, the number of hours per day, and the amount of time given for for lunch periods.
(2) Permission for Employment: This form is filled out by the parent. The form should be signed by the parent in the presence of the Issuing Officer.

Along with these two forms, the teenager should bring evidence of his or her age, such as

1. Birth certificate
2. Baptismal record
3. Insurance policy
4. School record
5. Passport

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